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Our Turbo Dry system uses an efficient fan technology. This is part of our normal process, which dries the fabric as much as possible so that you can use your furniture as quickly as possible. We'll also use sheets to protect your flooring and take extra care of all the surroundings - as part of our normal
Longer Lasting Fabric & Spill Resistant! Your furniture can benefit from an application of Teflon protector - OR Promite fabric protector. If you have allergies and are affected by dustmites, then we would recommend Promite, as this not only protects the fabric but also keeps dustmites at bay - thus helping the cause of breathing related diseases like asthma. Also the protector makes the fabric last longer as you have to wear the protector before you wear the actual fabric fibre!

Otherwise we recommend Teflon fabric protector, which gives great resistance to liquids and soil. Ask us for details on which would suite your needs - simply call the office.
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         ll sofa's, suites, chairs (upholstered furniture) will be carefully inspected prior to cleaning. We then decide on the most suitable cleaning process according to the type of material and degree of soiling. Every care will also be taken to protect the floor covering and surrounding furniture. Any top professional company should take between 3 - 4hrs to clean a 3pc suite properly (1½ - 2 hrs with 2 technicians). If it is done any quicker, then really they are cutting corners. But not with our sofa cleaning in harpenden.
It's unfortunate but it's a fact, you get what you pay for in this industry. Our extraction method of upholstery cleaning is done where the suite is situated. With the pure power of our machinery & with our expertise, we would normally have most of the items DRY - before we leave. Using the latest CFR™ technology is regarded in the industry as the only method to give superior results with less drying times. So be impressed with our sofa cleaning in harpenden services!